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Sep 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
minister? >> until the election -- the presidential election, 1967. >> and how old were you when you became prime minister? >> i am 34 1/2. 35 years, yes. >> and how old doe does that mae you today? that picture was what -- how old were you in that picture? >> i think this -- maybe 37, you know. i remember that someone, you know, doing -- trying to visit some country and someone took this picture. 37, yeah. >> as you know, when you walked in, i said to you, how did you do it? how did you -- all these years later almost look the same as you did then? >> yeah. yeah. i am 73 now, and many friends, you know, especially american veteran who met me, they all look at me and said, i think you were general ky, but are you? and i said, yes. how come you stay? and that's why they recognized me. but sometime i have some problem with my, you know, staying young. i remember one time coming back l.a., los angeles, from a trip overseas. and when i show my passport to the customs service, he look at the passport -- my passport for i think two minute. and then he look at me again, and he asked, your driver l
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1